Mr. Blade — Barbershop is leading the new wave of barbershops in Romania.

Besides the great haircut and beardcut you benefit from the usage of the healthiest products on the international market and having what customers call “clearly the best barbers in the region, true artists at work”. The brand succeeded in creating a men’s clubhouse and an honest experience for the Romanian men, expats and tourists travelling in the country, seeking professional grooming services.

The Experience


The experience is for the man who respects himself, knows his social value and is conscious about respecting other people’s time on Earth by presenting himself well in front of the others. Mr Blade – Barbershop is your trusted mancave where you can get away from your daily life and finally be yourself. It’s one of Bucharest’s best kept secrets where well known actors, musicians, high personalities and all sorts of rebels and mavericks hang out’. 40% of our brand’s monthly customers are foreigners with high standards.

Besides, frequenting Mr. Blade – Barbershop regularly means being part of a great ensemble of powerful men, exposing you to personal development and professional growth opportunities, allowing you to socialise and treat mind opening matters such as careers, business, world affairs, politics, sports, fashion, diplomacy and many more.

The Culture


We thought that in today’s world, men need a space where they can to be a man, be themselves, far away from their very defined daily roles they play at their their home, office or in the society. The energy that the place has, creates a unique atmosphere that’s so much different from your daily routine, at your dayjob or other salons. From the greeting when you arrive, the drink on the house, the confortable environment where you can be finally yourself, the brotherhood you sense from our barbers, to the confident feeling you own when you leave being sure that you look at your best everything makes Mr. Blade — Barbershop the best choice for you.

We’re old-school because barbering is an old craft. We see barbering to be not just a service, but an art of wich the rules were written years ago in human evolution. We work for our patrons, not for our ego, so your feelings comes first… We take fashion into consideration but keep the focus on creating something timeless: style.